” There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  

– John Holmes

“Dr. Lindsey really does blend the best of all worlds…Western Medicine with Integrative Medicine (a more Eastern approach). Uniquely, for a doctor, Lindsey LISTENS. And listens some more. She comes to understand the whole you. It is then…and only then, that she plans a path of treatment. And let’s be clear. The path is decided upon jointly…doctor and patient working together. Naturally, she leads the way with her comprehensive medical training and sound, research-based integrative approach. I started with Dr. Mcilvena in February, 2015 to help me get off blood pressure medicine…or at minimum, reduce the dosage. For the first month or so, she watched and analyzed…having me take my blood pressure daily. This is something no other doctor had been able to accomplish. After a thorough analysis of my entire situation, she began to methodically have me reduce my medicine dosage. We cut the dosage by one-fourth and continued monitoring my blood pressure. Each month we reduced the dosage by the same increment until it was all done. As of this writhing I am free from the medicine and, at 66, in the best health of my life. She also made reasonable suggestions for a very doable eating plan…which makes for delicious eating! I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Mcilvena for any medical issue and particularly for any chronic illnesses.”
– Terry V., San Diego

“I strongly recommend Dr. Mcilvena. She focused on my specific needs and developed a detailed plan tailored to these needs. The plan included nutrition guidelines, example recipes, recommended food substitutions, and techniques for behavior modification. Our follow-up meetings with detailed conversations have focused on progress and making any needed adjustments that are specifically geared to my needs and best likely to succeed. Last week I had a check-up with my primary physician. In the past year I have lost 57 pounds and ALL of my blood tests are in the normal range. These results prove Dr. Mcilvena’s system can work. Her approach has certainly worked for me.”
– Ron W.

“After having a coronary stent inserted in late 2013, I was determined to reverse my heart disease and avoid the typical regimen of pills required by conventional medicine. Research suggested I needed to adopt a vegan diet and keep my fat intake low, but I got no support from my cardiologist. Therefore, I spent the next year searching for a local doctor who would both monitor my progress and give me much-needed support. Lack of success left me a little disillusioned until I picked up the U-T one day and found the interview with Dr. McIlvena. Before I’d even finished half the article, I told my wife I’d finally found my doctor. At my first appointment with Dr. McIlvena, we discussed my health concerns for over an hour. She tested my blood and provided immediate results. She made numerous recommendations to complement the lifestyle and diet changes I’ve adopted. I have met with her several times for follow-up over the past several months, and thanks to Dr. McIlvena, I now have the peace of mind that I’m doing everything within my power to reverse my heart disease and avoid future issues. In addition, my wife, after listening to my glowing post-visit reports, has also become Dr. McIvena’s patient and, of course, a big fan.”
– Lou A., San Diego.

“I always considered myself a healthy eater, but my cholesterol was very high and I was borderline diabetic. My husband also has some health issues. At the risk of sounding over the top dramatic, I can tell you that this program changed and probably saved my life. Within 2 months, my cholesterol went down 44 points, and I am no longer even close to being diabetic. My husband’s cholesterol dropped 49 points, he is also no longer borderline diabetic and he lost 25 pounds. I have tried so many diets over the years. The problem with a diet is that it only works when you are on it; this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and lifestyle trumps genetics in determining your health. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Mcilvena for her wisdom, kindness and her commitment to each of her patients. ”
– Barbara B., San Diego

“Eating plant based has not been as difficult as I thought it might be. There are so many tasty options out there and also restaurants are very accommodating when you ask for your food to be prepared a certain way. I have been quite surprised how much better I feel. I feel so much better and more at peace in my body. I have more energy and look forward to exercising each day.”
– Marianne W., San Diego