Tidying Magic

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Heard of the KonMari method of forever de-cluttering your personal belongings? She wrote the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It works. And it’s simple. There are two basic tenets:

1. Only keep those things that give you joy. (Or are absolute necessities, my toothbrush doesn’t exactly give me a thrill, but I need it!)

2. Everything must have a place.

My husband and I systematically went through all of our belongings and were able to donate about a quarter. It literally HAS been life changing.

The KonMari method also recommends a revolutionary system for clothing drawers. No more smooshed, stacked, sloppy piles!

Decluttering is so wonderful for your space, your mind, your life.

No more messy closets!

It does get a little hairy, when there are a ton of piles in the living room. But it’s the act of pulling everything out and really taking stock that enables conscious “keeping” and conscious letting go.

You can do it! Share your experience:)