Quick Whipped Cream: Plant based!

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The internet has been buzzing with a recent breakthrough in plant based desserts–you can whip up the water from canned garbanzo beans into a meringue-like, whipped cream-like, marshmallow-fluff-like consistency. Most of the recipes call for hand mixers or stand mixers, neither of which I have. I wanted to see if a.) a whip cream-esque topping could be made in a vitamix blender and b.) could I get away with using a tiny bit of maple syrup instead of refined sugar. The verdict is yes on both counts. I’m not sure if this could ever fluff up to meringue consistency (with the elusive “peaks” people talk about), but for an easy whipped topping, this is perfect. And it only had four ingredients to boot.
I used maple syrup, garbanzo water, vanilla extract, and a tiny squeeze of meyer lemon juice.
This is the garbanzo water after about 30 seconds in the vitamix, on level 4. It fluffed up and turned creamy almost immediately.
Impressive consistency!
So fluffy!

Here’s my recipe. It definitely has a distinctive maple flavor, which I love. Try experimenting with honey or agave if you like.

Easy Whipped Cream
makes about 2 cups

Water from 1 can garbanzo beans (I used trader joes organic)
1/4 tsp vanilla
2 T maple syrup
squeeze of lemon slice (I used meyer)

Put garbanzo water in blender and turn to a low setting (vitamix level 4). Watch in wonder as it fluffs up in about 30 seconds. slowly drizzle in remaining ingredients. I blended it for about 7 minutes to see if it would turn into meringue consistency. It didn’t, so I stopped. I could have stopped at minute 2 for the whip.

Concerned about sugar? This made a huge amount of whip. If you eat 1/4 cup, then that’s less than a teaspoon of maple syrup per serving.  Not much…

Enjoy. I’m eating it later tonight with a big bowl full of berries.