The New American Cuisine

By March 23, 2015 No Comments
By this point, it’s well know that the standard American diet is referred to as “SAD”. HIghly processed, calorie dense but nutrient poor–this is the diet fueling the epidemics of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Being a plant-strong eater, I have always shied away from “American” restaurants when going out, because healthy options were scanty. Burgers, steaks, fried meat dishes, french fries, cheese filled this or that, it was easier to find an ethnic restaurant instead, when looking for plant based entrees. Over the past few years though, things are changing. Restaurants are providing healthier menu items, sourcing their ingredients from wholesome suppliers, and even growing some of their own. Today I had the pleasure of visiting True Foods Kitchen in Newport Beach. 
I loved everything about my experience at this “New American” restaurant, from the chalk-board quotes, the plant-based options on the menu, and the carefully chosen sources of animal based options. What I loved most though, besides my teriyaki bowl, were the planter boxes outside of the restaurant bursting with freshly grown herbs, greens, and tomatoes. There is power in knowing where our food comes from, and what it takes to get it there. Seeing some of it growing at the restaurant itself filled me with joy.