Spring Cleaning

By March 20, 2015 No Comments
Happy first day of Spring! The timing is impeccable, three plants are newly flowering in our backyard. As we move into this  season, I’m thinking of all the ways that I can spring clean. 
Clean up my exterior.Cleaning up the house, the car, the backyard; getting rid of the clutter and unneeded material possessions. It always feels refreshing and energizing to reevaluate all our material goods, and donate what we don’t need to people who do. This also means reorganizing those drawers and closets that have gotten a bit cluttered. 

Clean up my interior. Spring is about renewal and growth. I find it the perfect time to take stock of my mental habits and work toward a more centered way of thinking and being. When we try to push away uncomfortable thoughts or emotions, often times they seem to get stuck. My sister, the therapist, is a huge proponent of “being with”. Being with feelings, being with thoughts. It allows us to show ourselves some compassion, by inwardly saying things like, “It’s totally understandable that I feel (sad, frustrated, angry, scared) right now, anyone would feel this way in this situation.” Being with our feelings and thoughts is sometimes all it takes for them to move through us without lingering and causing us to feel stuck. 

Clean up my goals. The first quarter of this year has come and gone, rather quickly I’d say. Three months have passed since making goals for the New Year. This is the perfect opportunity to revisit those goals: perhaps some have already been achieved, perhaps some are now irrelevant, and perhaps there are new goals that seem more helpful. Write them, rewrite them. read them every week, or everyday. We have immense power, and can achieve all of our goals, if we can stay focused.