What’s With the Rock Logo?

By March 19, 2015 No Comments
Curious people often ask me why I chose a pile of rocks for my logo. Beyond the zen appearance of the stack of stones, the reason goes a bit deeper for me. 
These rock formations are referred to inukshuks by the indigenous people of the Arctic regions of North America. Inukshuks were built by humans and used as points of navigation and also as markers on travel routes. They were placed in specific locations to let their fellow people know that they were headed in the right direction. In sense they served as a compass. 
The inukshuk as a symbol of my practice of medicine appealed to me because ultimately, as a physician, I am trying to play the role of a guide. I want to help my patients navigate their path to ultimate health and happiness smoothly; I want to help point them in the right direction.My suggestions for increasing quality and quantity of life serve as just one point of reference in the journey. Enjoy your trip!