Stay Healthy While You Fly

By March 17, 2015 No Comments
The days we spend travelling can be exhausting, here are a few tips to stay healthier while fly.

Bring your own food. Eating in the airport can be difficult when you’re trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. The offerings usually are full of fat, sugar, and salt. Getting fresh food is tough as well; many of the restaurants have pre-prepared meals which have less than desirable ingredients to prolong their shelf life. Try bringing you own snacks and meals. Having simple things like sandwiches, fruit, and  nuts on hand can help you avoid fast food. 

Stay hydrated. Bring your own stainless steel water bottle; keep it filled at all times. It’s easy to get dehydrated while travelling, especially if you’re relying on the drink service provided by the airlines. Many airports now have water fountains with filtered water that are designed to easily fill your own bottle.

Sit less. There’s a new joke in Preventive Medicine, that “sitting is the new smoking”. Lots of literature has emerged in the past couple years that excessive sitting is detrimental to our health. Stand during your connections, while you wait in the terminal. In-flight, get up at least every forty minutes. Your seat-mates may not appreciate this, but your organs will!