Keeping Resolutions Alive

By January 2, 2015 No Comments
Happy 2015!

 I hope your year is filled with health, happiness, and success. 

You may want to implement some of these strategies to keep your resolutions alive, well into the New Year. 

1. Make your goals specific. In other words, avoid vague goals, such as, “I want to lose weight”. A more specific goal would be, “I want to decrease my waist circumference by 1 inch by March 1, 2015.” 

2. Make sub-goals: sub-goals should help you move toward your main goal. Using the above example, a good sub-goal would be, “I will walk for 30 minutes per day at least 5 days per week”. It’s good to have a few sub-goals. 

3. Be accountable. Tell someone you love and trust about your goals. Let them know what’s been going well, and what has been challenging.  Their role is to provide support and encouragement. 

4. Set up a reward system. Rewarding yourself frequently is a must! Set short-term rewards, as well as long-term rewards. Choose rewards that will not sabotage your goal,(if your goal is to exercise regularly, don’t reward yourself by taking a week off). A good short-term goal would be indulging in a candle-lit bath because you avoided processed food that day. A good long-term goal would be a celebratory vacation. 

5. Have a good plan. Temptation is all around us; we will never be able to completely avoid all of our triggers. Sometimes a little planning before a tough situation is all you need to overcome a potential roadblock. Bring a fruit platter and delicious kale salad to a party, so you know you’ll have healthy options, for example. 

These are just a few tips to help in achieving goals. The more tips you use, the more likely your success will be. 

Happy New Year!