Simple Solutions: Water

By December 16, 2014 No Comments
Sometimes solutions can be simple, no matter the complexity of the problem. 

Water is a great example.Are you getting enough? Soda, coffee, juice, tea don’t count, though they do contain varying amounts of water. 

Could it be that the root cause of your headaches, stomach aches, irritable bowel syndrome, depressed mood, foggy thinking, joint pains, acne, and anxiety is a chronic deficiency of water? 

When we look microscopically at our bodies, the vast majority of “us” is made up of two things: bacteria (the good guys) and water. We are like self-contained lakes, a biome in and of ourselves. Are you in a period of drought or abundance, cellularly speaking?

How much water do you need per day you ask? The answers vary, but I’d say a gallon is good to start with; a gallon being fully double the old 8 glasses a day recommendation. I suspect 64 ounces isn’t nearly enough. 

One of my goals for 2015 is to drink a gallon a day, and see what unfolds. Who’s with me?